During your unlimited trial, you can have your first Meet with every single Guide you’re matched with on Sphere, completely for free. Think of it like a mini consultation to see if you’re a good fit.

Our suggestion? Book 3-4 first meets straight away, and make sure one feels like a wild card.

When you click into your Guide and see their full profile, don’t get too hung up on it. Profiles can fall short. You won’t get the subtle nuances. You can’t have a conversation. You can’t feel their energy. It’s a great introduction, but the very best way to find out if a coach is right for you is to dive into a Meet (introductory session).

When we interviewed hundreds of Seekers, we asked: Why did you end up working with your Guide? And the most common response couldn’t be described beyond a, “I just clicked.”

What's next?

After your 3-4 first Meets, it's time to choose a Guide (or Guides) you want to grow with. The beauty of Sphere? Work with as many Guides as you want, for as long as you need.

When you decide to book your first full session, you choose a membership that works for you. Think: how often and for how much time you have to get to where you want to go. Not sure? Don't worry. Talk with your Guide about it.

Our promise? Stress free commitment: Sphere memberships are change, pause, cancel any time. + You can always buy more credits.

How do Sphere credits work?

Like Classpass, we have a membership model based on a credits system.

Credits are what you use to book classes directly through your Sphere account. These credits allow you to choose how long and how many sessions you want to book this month. 1 credit = 10 minutes of coaching. Sphere Guides offer 30, 60, 90 and 120 min sessions. You can use your credits however you want.

For example: with 12 credits in your pocket (Infinite membership), you can book: one 120 min session, two 60 min sessions, or four 30 minute sessions per month.

The amount of credits you receive each month depends on your membership.

If you are running low on credits, you can always ante-up. We also roll over up to 3 credits per month, no matter which membership you're on.

Not feeling any of your Guides?

If you’re not vibing with your initial Guides, or if you’re lost, contact our Seeker Success Crew and we’ll get you rocking.

👉Book a call via calendly, email support@sphere.guide or reach us at 1-833-777-4373.

And, you can always add more Guides directly from the Sphere.Guide website (just hit "Save" next to the Guide's profile and they will appear in your account).

Our brand promise is to find you at least one guide you want to work with. Scouts honour! 🤞

How to start your growth journey with Sphere coaches?

Download the app - ✅

Sign up for Sphere trial - ✅

Now, book 3-4 first free sessions, and begin your growth journey with coaching.

Want to find out more? Visit Sphere Helpdesk or email support@sphere.guide

From our Seekers

"Just wanted to say how impressed I’ve been with the quality of coaches I’ve connected with through Sphere. I used to work for a company that provided coaching to businesses, and the way Sphere connects me to coaches who are good fits and makes it so easy to meet a lot of coaches blows away anything I saw while working there. I’ve definitely recommended it to some colleagues and friends." - Kevin R. Sphere member since February 2020

"Connecting Me to my Passion and Purpose. I am so thankful I downloaded this app. I’ve been feeling stagnant and in limbo for a while with my work, and while I knew what field I wanted to transition into, I just didn’t grasp the steps to do it. Sphere helped me to connect the dots!" - AppStore Review

"Before Sphere, I had to search online, but I could only find results or information for people with big marketing budgets, but Sphere shows you only highly qualified, dedicated coaches, and the variety is incredible. It’s easy to find someone who perfectly suits what you need, and the best part is that you get to try out different coaches for short meets before you find the one who is just right for you." - AppStore Review