Introducing a New Series: Guide Fireside Chats

Get to know Sphere Guides and learn about coaching topics such as leadership, creativity, having tough conversations, and so much more.

Introducing a New Series: Guide Fireside Chats

Welcome to the Fireside Chats - brand new series from Sphere Guidance.

Get to know Sphere Guides and learn about coaching topics such as leadership, creativity, having tough conversations, and so much more.

We’re kicking off this series by talking to Louise Lee, an expert ICF-Certified transformational leadership and life coach. Within 2 years of starting her career in England, Louise's powers over team dysfunction were recognized and she quickly ascended the ranks through leadership and management roles. By age 30, she had completely transformed her flailing department of 60 people and saved her company $6M. Louise has over 15 years of manager-level and director-level leadership experience. She has taught and coached professionals and creatives in project management, leadership, and team-working skills for over a decade.

Listen to the 20-minute conversation here, or scroll down for interview highlights.

Insight #1

If you're feeling lonely as a leader, you're probably doing it wrong.

It doesn't have to be lonely. Here's why: once you realize leadership is not just about the self, it's about realizing the potential of your team and others around you, you can take all that amazing energy and turn it outwards.

You can start to see each of your team members not as problems but as human beings with their own ideas and potentials. Once you switch from a problem-solving mindset to a curious, learning mindset, it takes the pressure off.

Insight #2

The one foundational way to increase your confidence as a leader.

Are you experiencing Imposter Syndrome, having trouble making decisions, or finding that you are doing everything? As a leader, you might feel insecure about your ability to lead, which has everything to do with confidence.

The first step is to raise your awareness of the quality of your self-talk. Notice if it's nice or mean, helpful or self-sabotaging. Once we realize that our internal dialogue isn't beneficial, we can actively seek to change it, but we must be aware of it first.

Insight #3

Use the confidence-competence loop to your advantage and start building momentum.

The concept is simple: your confidence increases when your competence goes up. It's like strengthening your muscles at the gym or learning a new skill. Many of us feel fearful because we don't have competence - but this just leads to inaction.

Although it seems counterintuitive, taking action (even if you don't feel fully competent) will get you feeling more confident. Use that momentum to feed the confidence-competence loop until you feel both confident and competent!

Rapid Fire Round

A book that changed your life

"The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. It's not [long], but it goes deep. This is a book that is worth reading and rereading. If you want to take some time and start to nurture yourself and really figure out who you are, I recommend this book."

An exercise you come back to again and again

"A simple acronym THINK helps you ask questions when you're not feeling great about a situation or thought.

True - Is it true?

Helpful: Is this helpful?

Inspiring - Is this inspiring?

Helpful: Is this helpful?

Kind - Is this kind?

If you roll yourself through those five, you might be able to get out of the situation."

A question to leave our listeners with

"If you already had all the love, approval, and validation in the world, how would you do what you're about to do differently?"

Feeling inspired? You can chat with Louise for free on the Sphere app. Reach out to for any questions.