Mastering the Meet to Session conversion.

Every Guide on Sphere has their exceptional power moves to start and end their Sphere Meets. That's because every Guide on Sphere is unique.

Mastering the Meet to Session conversion.

Every Guide on Sphere has their exceptional power moves to start and end their Sphere Meets. That's because every Guide on Sphere is unique, with varying specializations, many types of certifications & training, nuanced communications styles, different career backgrounds, and years of experience. At Sphere, our intention is to make sure that whoever comes to Sphere to grow, we have the right Guide for where they are at.

During the last Sphere Guide Assembly, we invited some Guides who've had a tonne of success in our ecosystem, to share their techniques, tricks, and thoughts on approaching Meets on Sphere.

But before we dive into that here is a refresh on the basics of the Sphere Guidance experience that form the foundation of how we're democratizing coaching:

Meet → A first-time, free consult, ‘alignment’ or discovery session - which should always feel like a ‘mini’-coaching session.

Guide → You, a Coach.

Seeker → A Client. Someone who is ready to do the work and power up their potential.

Guidance→ Coaching.

Credit → It’s equal to minutes, your Seekers will use these on Sessions with you. (1 Credit = 10 Minutes).

Session → When Seekers use their credits you’ll get booked real coaching sessions for lengths ranging from 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes (though we only require you to offer 30 & 60 minutes).

Now, introducing:

How do you start your Meet on Sphere?

Louise: "At the moment I receive my meet booking on Sphere, I take some time to check-in. And actually reach out to the Seeker, if anything, just to confirm I have received the booking. Sometimes I find that we [coaches] want to be as relational as possible. But I think that sometimes we should be more transactional. Especially before my Meets, I simply want the Seeker to know that there is someone on the other side."

Judy: "I tend not to reach out [to provoke prior conversation] before my Meets. I think what they answer before the session and then what happens during the call are quite different. I always want to start anew during the Meet. I don't want to go off what they said because they might have changed it by the time they talked to me. They may have something else that has risen for them in the meantime."

What questions do you ask to kick off your Meets?

Judy: "I usually start with just an understanding of where they're sitting at. So I prompt them to describe exactly where they are in the moment. And that always catches people off-guard. It also gives me an indication of what their awareness of self is at that moment."

Jonas: "One thing that stands out for me is that Sphere gives you a little insight into what would make the Seeker five percent happier, which I always kind of laugh at to make the Seeker feel more whole. Often it says "career" or "profession", so I use that as a prompt in my conversations."

Louise: "My favorite kind of Meet is where we have the time to go deeper into an actual coaching conversation. And then, the Seeker can walk away from that Meet with a new shift or insight that they didn't have 30 minutes before talking to me."

How are you creating momentum during your Meets? Or, how do you explain what the best kind of approach would be if you move forward together?

Louise: "It is around hoping that the Seeker may have a lot of conversations. I encourage them to have a lot of Meets with other Guides. And sometimes they might say that they are talking to other guides. And I'm always so enthusiastic about that. Because I knew when I was looking for my coach, I interviewed many different coaches. It's like job interviews and dating. So I after providing a ton of value, I affirm that this is about them finding what they're looking for because it is ultimately about them. Not about us."

Judy: "I'll usually do a quick summary. Like: "I'm hearing that right now, you're feeling unsure about your next move. So I might consider X, Y, and Z." And then my process never sounds like you need to work with me four times. That's not my gig. I never say that...I go: "Hey! If this works for you, this is where I would start. Check how it feels for you. One session might answer what's burning for you right now. Or there might be more things to discuss". I may be the Guide, or someone else might be the right Guide. That's the coolest thing about this. That Seekers get to pivot and work as it suits them."

Jonas: "For me, every meet, every session is dynamic. It feels like a yoga class. It's flowing. And there is an element that we don't have a lot of time. There's a concept of: "I'm willing to be courageous. And I'm willing to mimic that with being daring. So when they finish, they either feel like that was uncomfortable - "I'm going to go find another Guide.", or "I'm good. I'm going to book with Jonas.".

Main takeaways on how to master your Meets in Sphere.

Ultimately it's about the Seeker finding who is best for right now — deliver on value and let them know they're at the wheel.

One of the things that these three guides all do and have in common is that they mastered removing that salesy feeling from their Meets.

How? There's a phrase "A loose hand, holds more sand". And Judy, Jonas, and Louise all take that approach.

What does it mean? It's the idea of providing a ton of value, by treating every Meet like a mini-coaching session. Affirm their journey by saying: "Hey, what I hope for you is that you find the right Guide for right now."

Why? That works because, ultimately, Seekers come to Sphere, to start a journey of self-improvement. Be it, with one coach, or another, or a few over time.

Three main lessons:

  1. Have your power questions ready —> It's important to allow the Seeker to indicate what they want out of their coaching journey, or what they're hoping to get out of coaching. But as the Guide, we urge you to drive the conversation first. Start with a question or two. Gently drive the Seeker to an immediate reflection, that also helps you establish the value you'll deliver in the Meet.
  2. Treat your Meets like mini-coaching sessions —> This is about the Seeker. Focus on delivering a ton of value. Be sure not to take up air time talking about yourself, unless you are briefly explaining your approach. Where you do talk about yourself, be concise.
  3. 'A loose hand holds more sand' —> Build confidence in the Seeker by endorsing the Guide ecosystem, and remaining unattached to the outcome. Don't place your energy on driving to 'make the sale' or 'convert to a session'. Put your energy into giving the Seeker value in that Meet and finding a Guide to get them started with coaching. Show the Seeker that you're 100% focused on delivering impact - ALWAYS - be it during the Meet or a full Session.

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